NICU Med List Cheat Sheet

Tulane-Lakeside NICU Quick Reference Medications List

Acyclovir: 20 mg/kg – IV (slow) q8h (may cause phlebitis)

Adenosine: 50 µg/kg – IV (push) PRN (go 100 then 200 µg/kg if SVT persists)

Aminophylline: 8 mg/kg – IV  (one dose given only if infant is not eligible for whole body cooling)

Amphotercin: 100 mg/kg – IV (slow) q24h (test dose not needed with neonate – Observe)

Azithromax: 10 mg/kg – IV (1st dose) (then 5 mg/kg for 4 additional days – patient must be on EKG monitor for 10 full days from start of therapy)

Ca Gluconate: 100 mg/kg – IV (slow) PRN (for low serum Ca & symptomatic or cardiac pts)

Caffeine Citrate: 20 mg/kg PO/IV (load) (5-6 mg/kg maintenance dose q24h)

Fentanyl: 1-2 µg/kg – IV q2-4h   (may cause apnea or rigid chest, consider both)

Flumazenil: 0.01 mg/kg – IV PRN (5 dose max for benzodiazepine OD)

Glycerin: 1 ml/kg – PR  PRN (given as need for no stool during feeding advance in LBW & ELBW infants) 

Gentamicin: 5 mg/kg – IV q24h (check trough prior to 3rd dose to adjust)

Hepatitis B IgG: 0.5 ml – IM one time administration (with 1st dose of Hepatitis B vaccine using 0.5 ml of HB vaccine)

Hydrocortisione: 1-2 mg/kg – IV q6-12h (= range of maintenence to stress dosing, shock dose = 25 mg/kg)

Indomethacin: (Click to Go to NSAID Work Sheet)

Infrasurf: 3 ml/kg – ET q12h (up to 3 doses for RDS)

Lorazepam: 0.05-0.1mg/kg – IV q2-4h   (may cause apnea or hypotension)

Morphine: 0.05-0.1mg/kg – IV q2-4h ( may cause apnea or hypotension)

Neoprofin: (Click to Go to NSAID Work Sheet)

Oxycillin: 50 mg/kg  IV –  q12h (q8h if > 32 weeks + 1 week postnatal corrected)

Phenobarbitol: 10-20 mg/kg – IV (load) (may repeat up to 40 mg/kg) maintenance 4-6 mg/kg q24h

Raecemic Epinephrine  – nebulized (for post extubation stridor): 0.25-0.5 ml per dose (to add decadron 0.25 mg [0.1 ml of 4mg/ml])

Survanta: 4 ml/kg – ET q6h  max 4 doses in the 1st 48 hours of life.

Synthroid: 8 µg/kg – PO q24h  (Synthroid should not be used for elevated TSH, normal T4, in ELBW infants without additional data)

Vancomycin: 15 mg/kg – IV (q18h if < 30 wks, q12h if <30 wks + 2 wks postnatal, q8h if > 30 wks

Zidovudine: 2mg/kg – PO  q6h (AZT for HIV prophylaxis in HIV positive moms)

Zosyn: 80 mg/kg – IV q8h (if > 32 wks gest. + 2 wks postnatal, 100 mg/kg per dose)

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