NICU Toolbox

This site is designed to make the daily life of the Tulane-Lakeside NICU clinician easier.You will find the following items stored in our toolbox:

Absolute Neutrophil Count

(for decision to use granulocyte colony stimulating factor)

Anion Gap

(for newborns with metabolic derrangement to aid in the search for abnormal metabolites – click flow sheet for algorithm)

Bilirubin Calculator

(for phototherapy and exchange transfusion limits)

Body Surface Area Calculator

(specifically for infants, to be used in drug dosage calculation)

Fractional Excretion of Na+

(for assessment of extent of renal tubule dysfunction)

Gestational Age Calculator

(from last estimated menses)

Glomerular Filtration Rate

(not accurate with acute renal failure)

Sarnat Score Cheat Sheet

(to be assigned prior to total body cooling of an infant)

Tube size and placement calculator

(for endotracheal tubes and umbilical lines)

Viability Calculator (for gestational ages 22-25 weeks)

Postnatal Scoring Systems (Apgars, Ballard, NAS)

(Kramers Rule – click baby for blow up of algorithm & divide values by 17.1 to get mg/dl, – NOT VALID IN DARKLY PIGMENTED INFANTS! This tool shoud not be used as a true measure of bilirubin levels, but has limited value as a visual screening tool in light skinned babies. Infants with jaundice progressing from zones 2 to 3 should have a serum bilirubin values monitored).

FDA, U S Food and Drug AdministrationWeb address for drug shortages

t test calculator


Digoxin calculator and order sheet Dig calculator and order sheet by Dr Recto

  • NICU Code Meds and Drips

  • E.D. Quick Guidelines for the Newborn

  • Antibiotic Guidelines (Cheat-sheet)

  • Go to NICU Brain

  • Go to NICU Library

  • Go to NICU Vault (Guidelines)

  • Go to Follow Up Clinic

  • Dr Gordon believes in using the right tool for the job

  • Flow Diagram of Neonatal Resuscitation

  • NICU Common Med List (Cheat Sheet)

  • General NICU Formulary (limited)

  • Drug Reference Tool I

  • Drug Reference Tool II

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